What are the Best Mechanical Keyboards in Market

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Keyboards the most important hardware used on desktop or laptops. Well, not all keyboards are the same. Well, these keyboards are most demanding for the gaming desktops or laptops.

There are many models and a series of gaming keyboards which can be bought easily from the market or can be ordered online. These keyboards extinct from the market as laptops took their place, but somehow we missed that clack-clack voice of the keyboard.

•    IBM Model M: IBM keyboards are the one who was nominated by the users in the list of best mechanical keyboards. There are other models of this IBM in the market. If the person is having the old model of IBM with your new version desktop or PC, then you can buy it online with a minimum price of 80 dollars from Unicomp.

•    Das Keyboard Model S: This Das keyboard is the oldest in the market amongst all. This is the label-less keyboard, that mean this keyboard don’t have the inscription. This is most favorable for the working professional’s as well game professionals.

It is designed for more over approx. 50 million keystrokes, has a pack of 2 ports USB inside with N-key rollover. It is available in the market with different colors like cherry MX brown, or MX blue switches. Also, different models have different, louder or louder voice. Touch typing on this keyboard is like cheese.

•    Razer Black widow ultimate: Well, all models of this Razer are not mechanical. But it is well known for its gaming quality. Only Black widow Ultimate and Black widow Ultimate Stealth both are the best for gaming.

If you are curious about the switches sound, that’s what kind of sound is required from the switches, in that case, Ultimate packs Cherry MX Blue switches and the Ultimate stealth packs the quieter Cheery MX Brown switches are the best.

Full sized mechanical with programmable mechanical keys on the sides of the keyboard, Key LED backlighting with adjustable brightness, media, controller on the function keys, USB port, Audio Jacks are the specialty of Black widow ultimate.

•    Ducky shine 2 and 3: It is the incredibly high-quality keyboard that is long lasting to your desktop. Professionals like coders, writers, gamers have this ducky shine as their choice that lives and dies for and to their computers.

A great feature of this ducky shine is a good mechanical ability with reactive lighting to the ambient light. It is not that heavy duty case and overall durability without being a massive and hulking keyboard.

After knowing about these different gaming keyboards, it’s not that tough to choose the best for you. Every next model and version of the keyboards are unique in its own different manner. Professionals can choose the version, color, and model as per these works. But majorly the crowd, which is crazy for gaming prefers these keyboards.

So wish you luck to choose your own mechanical keyboard. In the year of laptops still, keyboards have their own stand and are still in demand.


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