What are Godaddy Promo codes?

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Looking for exciting deals on your favorite items but need a legitimate discount? Godaddy promo code is the answer, a Godaddy promo code is a code that gives the customer a discount on the whole deal. Customers are often got an offer to enter a promo code to get a fair amount of discount deals of their liking.

These are issued by the website or the retailer as a marketing strategy and are on the advertisements issued by website so, all you have to do is enter the Godaddy promo code in the promo code box given to activate exciting discounts and special offers on the deal you ordered.

Domains are addresses like if you want to find friend’s house, you would recognize it by the house number or building name similar to that a domain name tells you where this website belongs to.

A registered domain name would guide the customer to your website, it is unique for every website which means that it is an identification of your website. Before using your domain it must be registered to DNS which would be discussed later on.

Registration authorities:
Domain name is the sole trademark of the website so it is important to have authorities which regulate these domains in order to eliminate misconducts and legal issues regarding domain name.

International Corporation for Assigned names and numbers (ICANN) operates as the authority for registration, maintenance and regulation of the respective domain names.

The sole purpose of ICANN is to develop policies, stabilize the internet and making domain name system (DNS) convenient for the user so that the user when he or she enters a domain name is guided to the desired website.

So what do you have to do to get yourself a registered domain name?

The answer is as follows:

•    First, ICANN describes policies and terms of a relationship with a registrar. The Registrar Accreditation Agreement allows ICANN to evaluate your domain.

•    Second, you must agree to follow all policies, rules and regulations of ICANN that are described on their website to register.

•    Once you have agreed to the terms and policies the registry would enter your data to a specific electronic agreement which would authenticate all the obligations which would be followed by the registrar in order to establish a relationship.

In a nutshell, Godaddy promo codes are codes on advertisements and websites in order to provide discounts and special offers associated with the deal of your liking.

Domains are like addresses to denote a website, in easier words a domain is like your identification or a trademark of your website. So, when a customer enters your domain name he or she would be guided to your website.

Moreover, to assess and stabilize the internet internationally ICANN works to register and dispense unique domain names, in addition to that it also works for evaluating and taking care  of the legal issues but you have make sure that your domain is running in accordance with the terms and policies that you have agreed on.


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