Top 5 Video Chat Applications

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With the advances in technology, the plain and expensive overseas calls have rapidly been replaced by video chatting tools that allow for better and cheaper talking experiences.

A significant development for families parted by huge distances, the video chat tools have bridged distances and have allowed for better interaction in families. Let’s have a look at the most popular and free video chatting applications!


Least expensive and highly easy to use, the Skype chatting software is one of the best video chat applications in the market. Capable of making PC-to-PC and PC-to-mobile calls, Skype allows for the cheapest calls to be made by the least of efforts.

With the finest video quality and crystal clear sound, the software functions smoothly with rare interruptions, making the conferencing a one-of-a-kind experience. Free for basic calling, the software offers advanced video chat elements in its Premium version, for a very nominal price.

Google Hangouts

One of the best video chat applications ever since its launch in 2011, the Google Hangouts has gained considerable popularity. Designed with a simple interface, the software offers a flawless conferencing opportunity, making the experience even better with its exclusive features.

With Google Hangouts you are not just allowed to make video calls, but you can also share screens, use drawing tools, experience the chat interface and much more! Requiring no extra installations, start-ups, or further accounts, the Google Hangouts simply needs a browser plugin and that’s all!

Facebook Video Chat

Powered by Skype, the Facebook Video Chat offers lots of extra sizzling features. One of its greatest advantages remains that you would never want to ask for Skype Ids from your Facebook friends, and can simply video chat directly through Facebook.

The application offers a smooth video quality with a perfect voice value that hardly ever arise problems. It also offers the basic video calling features, allowing for sharing screens and interfaces for written chatting. The application is also capable of making HD video calls if an HD webcam is available to you.


A part of a bigger social networking website, TinyChat is another fabulous application for video chatting. Equipped with a variety of elements, the application is capable of making high-quality video calls to hundreds of your friends around the TinyChat network.

Requiring no extra installations, this video chat application runs primarily on a browser plugin and uses flash to access the computer’s microphone and webcam. A modestly paid upgrade can allow access to tons of other features and even an international broadcast facility for your cam videos!


An exclusive feature for the Mac OS X users, the iChat is another interesting application from the Apple family. It is a quick video chat facility that allows friends and relatives to video conference for free, using some of the most attractive video chat facilities.

Apart from offering an exclusive video quality, the application can allow for sharing files, and even to change the backdrop of your video. Stand around your rooms and show off your friends an Eifel Tower behind you!


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