Pre Preparation for Your DMV Written Test

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Getting a license in the USA is not an easy process, and one needs to go through different type of test. Everyone have to follow the complete procedure to get the license. The first step to getting the driving license is to get the permit. You are eligible to get a driving permit only when you are fifteen years old.

To get the permit, you need to get permission from your parent or guardian. Your parents or your guardian should sign on the permit application form. Without the signature of your parents, you will not get the permit.

Eye Vision Test

After you fill the document with your parent’s or guardian’s signature, you are eligible for appearing the vision and DMV written test. Before written test, you need to go through the vision test you should have 20/20 in both eyes, and if the applicant has only one eye, then it should have 20 in the single eye.

If you didn’t pass the vision test, then you have to visit an eye specialist for a complete checkup of your eyes. Then after you get the treatment or glass, you have to reappear for the vision test. Once you pass the vision test, you have to appear for the written test. In the below paragraph I will give explain about written test.

Written Test Preparation

Every state has a different type of written test with different question count. To make your chances higher of passing written test, you should read the driving manual at least two times. The more you read the manual the chance of passing the exam is more.

 After you read the manual, you can write the online mock test for exams preparation. There are various websites which provide a huge set of dummy questions for all the 51 states of USA.

All these questions are generated from the driving manuals provided by Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). As all the questions in the real exams are taken from The driving manual.

Many websites have also claimed they have a good set of questions for commercial driving test and motorcycle driving test. Most of the websites are free, and they also provide a huge list of questions to pass the written test.

Exam at DMV Office

After you prepare for the exam, you have to take the actual exam to the DMV office of your location. IN some states, you can go to the DMV office directly and attend the written test.

In some states, you can write the written test only by appointment to get a fixed date and time slot. You will only be eligible for written test after showing ID proof for your name’ age, residential address and immigration or citizen proof.

 Once all the documents are verified, you need to take the vision test again. You should have 20 / 20 in both eyes. After you pass the vision test then only you can write the online test. The written test can be either on the computer, or you have to take the paper test.

Written exam is not the tough one. You can pass the test if you read the manual thoroughly and if you spend about a week or two in taking a sample test, it will be very easy.


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