Guide On Travelling to Thailand for Full Moon Party

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If you have heard the fun stories of the Full Moon Party in Thailand, you will not want to miss it. The infamous massive party is held on a stretch beach in KohPhangan, Thailand. The Full Moon Party has gained popularity for being one of the best and biggest beach parties in the world.

Each month, on a full moon night thousands of people come to the (KohPhangan) island in Thailand from around the world to enjoy the Full Moon Party. From how to get there, to where to stay, what to wear and what to expect at the beach party this article is primarily a guide on what to do and expect at the Full Moon Party in Thailand.

Guide to The Full Moon Party Thailand

1. Getting There

Depending on your location (or where you are coming from), the two islands closest to Kho Phangan are Koh Tao and KohSamui. There are inexpensive ferries that run daily between all three islands.

The actual location were the party holds, is on the HaadRin beach on KohPhangan island. To get there quickly from Bangkok, visitors have to take a flight to KohSamui and then board a ferry to KohPhangan island. It would also please you to know that there are budget-friendly overnight boats and buses options you can use to get to the island.

2. Where to Stay

Accommodation is typically booked on the island the week before and the week after the event. It is good to book yours in advance so as to ensure you have a place to stay throughout the Full Moon Party. There are a number of accommodations available for your choosing on the island.

3. What to Wear

You have no need to pack any special outfit for the Full Moon Party. You can easily get a shirt or top that bears the FMP swag from the street vendors around for about $10 to 15. Also, you can get covered with neon (which is the party’s attire).

After covering your body with it, you can enjoy some pre-moon drinks heading to HaadRin where the beach party takes place. The neon attire is an artistic ritual that involves covering your body with neon paint.

 4. The Beach Party

After getting covered in paint, what’s next is to make your way to the beach and get amongst the other people to enjoy the beach party. The beach is usually packed with people from around the world including bucket drink stands, fire dancers, dance stages, and DJ’s just to name a few.

Moving along the beach you will see some vendor stands selling little plastic buckets that have been made into giant cocktails and usually includes about five straws in them to share. They are about $10 each if you would like to try one.

Apart from all the festivities to expect at the Full Moon Party, there are a number of other fun games and activities you can explore while there. Do not miss the fun.


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